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Uninstall Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus – How to uninstall Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus

About Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus threat

imagesSearch.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus
Growth of computers and internet and really made our lives more faster and easier than ever. But along with several benefits it has some disadvantages also. Growth of Internet has given an open platform for the malicious users to develop new vindictive Malicious threats. Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus is one of such dangerous threat that is highly infective and dangerous for your system and has affected many of the windows so far. It automatically enters in the system taking advantage of security holes. Once installed ABC is configured to start automatically each time your start windows operating system. Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus is a highly vindictive infection that dangerous for your system. So remove Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus from your system as early as possible.

Causes of Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus infection :

Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus is a highly clever malware that adopts several tricky tactics to get a chance to enter in the system. It generally enters in the system through :


  • In the case if users is using Peer-to-Peer software or working in a shared network that chances are that the system is more likely to get infected with Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus infection.
  • Many of the freeware or shareware application comes bundled with these malware.
  • Going to questionable or corrupt websites.
  • Using or inserting an infected removable storage medium in the system like USB drive may install Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus in the system automatically.

How to track that your system is infected with Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus ?


  • Users may experience slower system performance.
  • Several programs and application will take longer time to open or execute.
  • Appearance of new shortcuts and icons in the desktop, these shortcuts are linked to Unknown Spam websites that may cause dangerous effects on your system..
  • Redirection of web pages to unknown web pages.
  • Users PC is bombarded with numerous unwanted virus warnings and requests to Install anti-virus software and different advertisements pop ups.
  • Users may also encounter random PC messages on their system.

Consequences of Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus infection :

Once it get chance to enter in the system it starts performing malicious actions on the users PC. Some of the harmful activities performed by this malicious malware are :


  • Redirects Google , Yahoo and Bing searches to unknown websites.
  • Make system performance slow and weird.
  • Makes internet connection very slow.
  • Opens back-door for similar other Trojans and malware infection so that they easily finds way to enter in the system.
  • Modifies registry entries and also delete some of the important files from the system.


How to remove Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus infection from the system ?

Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus is nasty Trojan infection that if not removed immediately than may penetrate deep inside the system and create a havoc in the system. So experts recommend to remove Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus infection from the system immediately.

Manual Removal Method

If you are an experienced computer user and have keen interest in dealing with computer problems than you may choose Manual removal method for Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus removal from your system.

Step 1 : Reboot your system in safe mode with networking. Restart your system and press F8 key simultaneously and than your system window system pop up on your system screen and from the list of options shown select safe mode with networking.

Step 1

Step 2 : Now change your system settings to show list of all files and folders that also includes hidden and protected files and folders in the system.

step 2

Step 3 : Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open task Manager . Now go to the process tab , here you will see list of all the files and processes that are currently executing in the system. Now you can select all the malicious processes and click on End process to remove all these unwanted stuffs from system.

step 3

Step 4 : Open control Panel of your PC and move to Add and remove Program. Find and remove all the files and folders related with Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus infection from your system

step 4

Step 5 : Go to the Run and type Regedit and hit ENTER , it will open window Registry editor.

Step 6

Step 6 : From the windows registry editor , delete all the broken and corrupted registry entries.

step 7

Automatic Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus Removal tool

Though Manual method of Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus infection is possible but it is a risky procedure that may sometime cause heavy damage to the system. So many of the users are looking for an easy solution to remove Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus infection from their system. Automatic Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus removal tool is one of the advanced and reliable software that will help you to completely scan your system and completely remove Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus infection from th system just in few clicks.


User Guide :

Step 1 : Download and install Automatic Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus removal tool in your system.. Once the software gets installed in the system , you will notice a “scan Computer” option in the main interface, click on it. Software automatically starts complete scan of the system.


Step 2 : After that a progress bar will appear on the system screen that shows the scanning process. And list of all the malicious threats detected is shown in the thumbnail format.


Step 3 : Automatic Search.Newhometab.com Redirect Virus automatic removal also comes with “Spyware Help Desk” option that provides complete information about different spyware that is detected in the system.


Step 4 : Another feature of the software is “System Guard” that restricts other malicious threat to enter in your PC and thus makes your system free from malware.4

Step 5: Take the Help of ‘Network Sentry’ to prevent malware to change the internet connection.